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December 02, 2011



Occupodpeople versus reality.

Brilliant. Did they leave?



“Did they leave?”

From what I can make out, the ceremony and Q&A continued without further interruption. Whether the podpeople left or just stood there looking deflated, I couldn’t say.


Bad photographs

I can't decide which one's the winner.

This one?

Or this?

And will someone please explain what's happening in this one?

Peter MacFarlane

Brine icicle - blocked by the copyright narks at Al-Beeb.

Kind of odd considering we're forced to pay them for their work whether we want it or not - how come it's not OUR copyright?



Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve replaced the link with this.

Bandit 1


Nah, the winner has to be this one. LOLOL.

Most of the pics are just 80s (i.e. bad) hair and 80s (i.e. bad) glasses: people had no chance back then.

John D

Occupodpeople versus reality.

David, I think this just about sums up the OWS mentality.




Heh. It does boil down a huge chunk of the psychology we’ve seen in play over the last few weeks. And Carolla also conveys the (not unimportant) point that it’s okay to view that psychology, and its peddlers, with contempt.

Horace Dunn

John, re: Carolla:

It’s now possible to live your entire life without contributing anything. Throughout your entire life you will be provided with housing, clothing and food. In addition you will have access to medical treatment when you need it and you and your children will have access to primary and secondary education (and, in some cases, tertiary education as well). All of this is your entitlement.

I don’t suggest that any of this provision is lavish. But if you aspire to greater things there are two dozen agencies, some state funded, some charitable, to help you on your way.

The question here is simple: how much more socialist would you like society to be?


"Obviously, the Guild of Evil has a full-size one of these."

From the article: 'It has a water cannon and a night vision periscope, but its most awesome detail is a 4 foot diameter door...'

It's most awesome feature is a door..? That's a mighty polite Guild of Evil you're building there... ;)

stephen keating

Electromagnetic leak (or what aliens are watching.

I suppose it goes without saying that there will be NO visits anytime soon?

Jason Bontrager

Stephen, any visits are likely to be of the "LGR" variety. "Large, Guided Rock". At least if the aliens have any taste:-P.

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