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December 13, 2011



Yes, workers of Oakland, Milo and Sebastian are doing this for you.

Bloody hell, that was quick. ;-D


Readers should also note the exchange around 3:40, in which a champion of the people grapples with the suggestion that he and his comrades are basically forcing their will on others.

He didn't like that at all. LOL

Truth hurts, baby.


“He didn’t like that at all.”

It’s a telling moment. Idiot Hat Guy plans to obstruct a lawful business and “disallow” staff from entering or leaving their own place of work. (His intended victims can apparently still “practice their free will” provided they don’t actually try to go about their business and earn a living.) Idiot Hat Guy feels he’s “completely within [his] legal right” to do that. But when faced with the suggestion that he and his comrades are therefore forcing their will on others, this upsets him, delicate flower that he is.

Idiot Hat Guy is confronted with what he’s actually doing, expressed in the most simple terms, possibly for the first time. For someone who presumably likes to think of himself as radical and heroic, the dissonance must be quite troubling. And so first he denies what’s happening (which doesn’t convince), then indulges in some rhetorical evasion (which doesn’t help either), and then he tries to change the subject by pretending that he’s the one whose freedoms are being “violated.”

His flattering self-image is called into question and – pow! - suddenly, he’s the victim.


OT, but I figure readers might enjoy this celebration of insanity triumph of gender equality:



Idiot Hat Guy gets upset, delicate flower that he is.

I love it when idiot hat guy realizes he's just been exposed as a creepy little fascist wannabe. Then he gets all whiny.

"I do not want this broadcast..."

Another epic 'occupy' fail.

And can someone please shoot the moron with the tambourine?


"Just as legal as you filming me without my permission."

Moron. QED.


And in other, entirely unrelated news…

The latest graduate employment statistics:

Mining engineering graduates fared the best with 98.2 per cent employed by May …

So who’s doing the worst?

Visual and performing arts were the least successful in gaining work within four months with just more than half, or 52.3 per cent, in a job by May.


Every one of these enfeebled mentals need to be given 40 acres, a tractor, one crop's worth of seeds and a tent.

Nothing else will teach them the nature of the world around them. No amount of time, investment, education, caring, teaching or preaching will be able to do it. They need to see and touch and experience the abject failure that their sloth and moral idiocy produces.


I no longer know why I bother trying to understand the world around me. I don't need to. I just need to say the first thing that comes into my head and then I can do what I like.

Is this really the level of political discourse of these people?

Please tell me you have cherry-picked, pleeeease.



“Please tell me you have cherry-picked, pleeeease.”

If I have, there are an awful lot of cherries.

Karen M

"We're out there trying to do something positive, and not one occupier came over to us and handed in a resume," John explained, "It kind of shows that their argument is disingenuous."


Jason Bontrager

Luke, why waste a perfectly good tractor on these people? Give 'em a mule and an old-fashioned plow. Let 'em learn what real work it like!

On a completely unrelated note: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fonSqHNoWkQ

Celebrate Diversity!


“I do not want this broadcast...”

It’s an instructive moment and follows a pattern we’ve seen in many previous ‘occupy’ videos. Apparently, it had never occurred to Idiot Hat Guy, or at least never been admitted, that what he’s planning to do is merely an exercise in colossal self-regard and exerting power over others. Being confronted with this rather obvious fact makes him uncomfortable. He doesn’t like how that makes him look. But instead of rethinking his plans, Idiot Hat Guy pretends to be a victim. He demands that the filming stop because being revealed as an amoral narcissist somehow “violates” his rights.

Again, it’s all about him. And I think that tells us something.

This interview clip, sent by Dicentra, illustrates a similar point. Note the protestor’s reliance on irrelevant boilerplate and her obstinate (or desperate) refusal to engage with the (again, obvious) criticisms. When the robotic boilerplate fails, the protestor resorts to a denial of reality and outright fabrication. Presumably this woman was chosen to speak for the protest because of her supposed grasp of the facts and her ability to communicate, and yet she appears to be a dishonest, evasive, monomaniacal drone.


Note too the implication that, should reinforcements arrive, things may get physical.

Yes, they're all pacifists… until you try to stop them fucking up your business.


Presumably, the working people, for whom this pantomime was supposedly enacted, will just have to learn their place in the new pecking order.

Nailed it, Mr T.

John D

And there we have it. The occupodpeople are “a much larger movement” than the workers left complaining about the disruption, missed deadlines and widespread loss of earnings. Presumably, the working people, for whom this pantomime was supposedly enacted, will just have to learn their place in the new pecking order.

It was obvious from the start the occutards don't care who gets hurt. They have a RIGHT to screw us over!

"NYC cafe impacted negatively by Occupy Wall Street goes out of business. Milk Street Cafe, the restaurant whose business dried up in the face of the Occupy Wall Street barricades, is shutting down. Milk Street Cafe’s closure will result in the layoff of 70 workers."



Now’s as good a time as any to remind readers that the occupodpeople have left taxpayers with a bill for clean-up, repairs and police overtime that currently stands at $22.2 million.

But hey, according to the New York Times, they’re “a new generation of leaders.” And the Guardian says they’re “debating an alternative future for us all.” So I guess they’re entitled.


So when they succeed in blocking the ports for one day, what happens to those shipping containers? Are they dumped into the sea?

Or do they just unload them the next day instead?

The "1%" suffer a brief delay but are otherwise unaffected. In the meantime, a few narcissists get to engage in some very public moral preening.


probably the next shift

"told longshore workers not to report for the 7 p.m. evening shift "


But hey, according to the New York Times, they’re “a new generation of leaders.”

Here's one.

Occupodmom puts 4-year-old daughter on train tracks to disrupt trains.

Last word in child endangerment?



Thanks. Added to main post.

I can’t help wondering who the mother and her colleagues would have blamed had the worst happened.


Let's not forget who's responsible for this mess...Radiohead. No one was showing up for these protests until someone said Radiohead was coming...


Maybe they got $22.2 million?


These Occupoopers seem strangely oblivious to logic or reason. Their parents must be so proud of all the money they spent to educate their precious little snowflakes.


"…it's not like screaming and tearing down a fence and seizing property you don't own is aggressive. Why won't the cops just leave these darlings alone?"


“…it’s not like screaming and tearing down a fence and seizing property you don’t own is aggressive.”

Ah, but the occupodpeople have redefined violence. Which means that, whatever they do, they are always righteous and, rather conveniently, always the victim too.

And so, for instance, they bleat about “sanctuary” and needing what others have, while intimidating their victims and showing no regard at all for the rights of the people on whom they prey. While Laurie Penny tweets about protestors “being driven off the sidewalk” and the inevitable chants of “shame,” as if this had nothing whatsoever to do with their own violent and thuggish behaviour. She tells us there’s a “lot of anger here.” The feelings of the people whose rights they’re overriding and whose property they’re trying to seize are not mentioned once.

Ted S., Catskills, NY

They gladly accept what charity is offered them, then take by force the rest.

Excellent quote, although some may not enjoy the rather obscene nature of the reason comments section.


Occupy Berkeley charge sheet…


That's a lot of stabbings, battery and rape for just 150 people.


gary thompson

Excellent post! The occutards are just interested in protesting for the sake of protesting. I've added you to my blogroll and will come back to see your posts.

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