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December 06, 2011



From the Thibeault article:

Mary Smith was explaining the sexual harassment policy and… was stating that the feelings of the offended were proof of the offensive nature of the behaviour.

Now they've done away with little things like evidence they can pick on anyone they like. Non leftwing professors for instance.



“Now they’ve done away with little things like evidence they can pick on anyone they like.”

If injustice is now being defined – unilaterally - by feelings (or claims of feelings), then the accusation itself is a license to act with impunity and the scope for opportunist spite is hard to overstate. Those sufficiently dishonest now have a powerful lever to use against anyone they just don’t like. It’s an invitation for vindictive abuse - based on a refusal to acknowledge that sometimes, quite often, people will lie. Even members of Designated Victim Groups.

And there are those for whom “acting persuasive and logical” is actually a sign of guilt.


Thought Id share,


Also, looking forward to more take downs of the guardian... why do more people not get in on that action?


Terry Smith, CEO of City broking firm Tullets, says…

“The UK is as isolated as somebody who refused to join the Titanic just before it sailed “



“…looking forward to more take downs of the guardian.”

You shouldn’t have to wait long. Apologies to all for the minimal posting; I’m busy working on a, um, project. Normal service should resume shortly.


No ephemera this week? Bah!

Anyway, here's an item I think our host will appreciate.

Must've been the wrong kind of wind.


Must've been the wrong kind of wind.

At least it's finally generating some heat and light.

Chris S.

From another article about the turbines:

"All staff vacate wind farms when wind speeds exceed 55mph and therefore no one was present on site at the time of this incident."

Col. Milquetoast

I note with interest the second update on Where Reason Never Sleeps. I confess that at the time I wondered if FIRE was stepping in it. There was only one account offered (which was by the accused) and the claims were absurd. I thought there had to be more to the story.

Apparently there is more to the story: the administration at East Georgia College is of questionable character and revel in the absurd.

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