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January 27, 2012


Jason Bontrager

Very Fast toy cars is down:-(.

I wonder if the vacuum-packed people get breathing tubes, of if they're just told to hold their breaths until the photographer is ready to un-seal them.

That poor lion. Such a tasty morsel, tauntingly out of reach!

Col. Milquetoast


The Australian parliamentary opposition leader Abbott makes some comments about the aboriginal embassy. Activists claim he said something he didn't actually say, they storm the building that he and the PM are in, they beat on the windows and scream.

The activist explains : "He said the aboriginal embassy had to go, we heard it on a radio broadcast" (n.b. no, he didn't) "We thought, no way, so we circled around the building…You've got 1000 people here peacefully protesting and to make a statement about tearing down the embassy - it's just madness on the part of Tony Abbott," Mr Anderson said. "What he said amounts to inciting racial riots."

Apparently, I had a mistaken understanding about how racial riots unfolded. Remember, if anyone disagrees with me then I'll riot and you'll be to blame.



“Very fast toy cars is down:-(.”

Blazes. I’ve replaced the ultrafast cars with a snoring dormouse. It isn’t fast but it is loud.

carbon based lifeform

Snoring dormouse wins.

Jason Bontrager

Snoring dormouse is begging to be eaten in its sleep:-P.


Of possible interest...

Brian Micklethwait on the disingenuous use of the term “caught up in.” As in, “My son was caught up in the looting, rioting, arson, etc.,” thereby implying a lack of choice, even victimhood.


How to massively improve the songs of Depeche Mode

That's so sweet (and way better than the original).

Karen M

How to massively improve the songs of Depeche Mode

Still laughing...


The hilarity of asking Laurie Penny for her an opinion on whether parents should be allowed to smack children.

Who is responsible for this? Who in channel 4 news sat around a table and said "I know, this is related (however tenuously) to the riots, so let's get LP in!" What use is it to the general public to hear her opinion on how to be a parent?

Eventually the other woman briefly loses control, laughs out loud, and asks Penny if she perchance has any children herself?

"I don't know why that matters" is the (predictable?) response



“‘I don’t know why that matters’ is the (predictable?) response.”

As we’ve seen many times, Laurie doesn’t let a lack of experience (or knowledge, or logic) impede her adamance.


“That’s the mistake that Karl Marx made.”

David, another good Madsen Pirie video...



The Depeche Mode family ... something on the internet that's even cuter than cats.

Ben David

I just can't get enough
I just can't get enough

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