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January 23, 2012



Bettina Camilla Vestergaard is .com now, not .info as it used to be.



Thanks. Links updated. I’d hate readers to miss Ms Vestergaard’s mind-shattering insights.

Ted S.

.com? Does that mean she's sold out to the capitalists? :-)


I don't do flattery as well a I do sledgehammer impressions, but..

Methinks the Tenured Radicals piece might merit inclusion in the greatest hits. Good points, good comments. Very to-the-point as academia seems, to me, awash with exactly the political slant observed there.

The comments twice touch on the correct observation that these political stances (in those who are supposed to make the theory fit the facts, not the other way around) are "a matter of faith, not reason". In this way, we are moving away from reason and questioning assumptions, and towards new religious credos.*

All well worth a read.

* I would say the same of the current state of the feminist movement: deeply political, and relying heavily on a religious fanaticism, pretending to use statistics and philosophy all the while

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