Consequential Knowledge
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Friday Ephemera

Neon mice. You know, for kids. // Man can’t stop laughing. Wife not amused. // One tiny hand. // Takanori Aiba’s tiny bonsai worlds. // A tour of the Moon. (h/t, Dr Westerhaus) // Trash and its shadows. // The Sun is angry. // Nano-scale racing car. // The Vader respirator is strangely relaxing. // But we mustn’t call it the Alien prequel. // Parahawking in Nepal. // College, it’s not for everyone. // The last word in anti-squirrel countermeasures. (h/t, Peter Risdon) // Wearable kinetic wing sculptures. // How to open a bottle of wine. // Exotic dancers of the 1890s. // Chinese sex doll factory. // Tree sculpture. // Micro-management.