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March 23, 2012


Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Regarding the exotic dancers, the Library of Congress has put Edison's Carmencita on Youtube.


College, it’s not for everyone.

Wow. Racist lunatics, professors wearing jeans and half the class texting. I must be getting old.



I assume the woman in question has a serious mental health problem - that, or she’s overdosed on ‘critical race theory,’ which may amount to much the same thing. Unless narcissistic belligerence, hitting people and threatening to kill a professor and “ten thousand white fucking motherfuckers” is just something students do now.


How strange, I was dreaming about Alien

perhaps the Alien planet is on here somewhere...


I note that there's no follow-up on that incident with the loopy student. Did the police attend? Was she arrested? Has she been expelled?

I'm almost afraid to see if the answer to all those questions is 'No'...



As I understand it, she was arrested and had to be dragged from campus; she resisted the police, was tasered for her trouble, and faces charges of assault. I think she’s also been expelled.

What’s interesting is the radical change in her persona. The unhinged student – named Jonatha Carr – was interviewed the previous day and sounded quite lucid. But during her classroom rampage, she’s barking monosyllables, waving her head in a Miss Thang kind of way and acting ‘cartoon ghetto’, as if she’d been possessed by the Jerry Springer Show. Or as if she were performing. It’s very strange.

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