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Friday Ephemera

Robotic barber lacks finesse. // No fear of heights. (h/t, TDK) // Chicken and waffles now in syrup form. // “Probable farts.” // Beer plus soap equals beer soap. // A rather fetching squid hat. // It’s a tapir, not a watermelon. // Browse WikiPaintings. // Plasma TV meets microwaves, things go awry. // Why Spike Lee is an arse. // Not everyone can do this. (h/t, Anna) // Taxidermy hybrids. (h/t, Rob) // Stuffed badger plus theremin equals badgermin. // Children make noises by fondling jelly. // Diving suits and pressure suits of note. // The radio adventures of Sherlock Holmes. // Hyperdecanting. I’m scandalised and intrigued.