Agonies of the Left
This is What Passive-Aggression Looks Like

Friday Ephemera

Squirrels want your snack treats. // Fresh Guacamole. // Batman & Robin run away from shit. // Quadrotor drones in “aggressive manoeuvres.” // Live like the Flintstones in Malibu, California. // The Hindenburg’s interiors. // A day in the life of the internet. // Musical instruments made of ice. // The Museum of Government Waste. // “Whitehall departments spent £1.4 billion in an attempt to save £159 million.” // How to extract your DNA using everyday household items. // LA sci-fi convention, 1980. // Baked potato bean bag chair. // Avengers be assembling. // Two visions. // Antarctica in colour, 1915. // San Diego penguin cam.