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An Occupy special.

Don’t Be So Mean to the Titans of Tomorrow.

How can they take over the world if you keep laughing at them?

“Coming up with an action plan for a new world order takes time,” says Laurie. Yet despite the utopian bluster and mutterings of revolution, the protests seem headed for one of two conclusions. Either they fizzle out due to lack of interest, squalor and general tedium, leaving someone else to foot the bill and clear up the mess - the symbolism of which should not pass unnoticed. That, or they culminate in violence and riots. Neither conclusion invites much in the way of sympathy or hopes of a brighter, fluffier world. Laurie also tells us that the failure to generate a coherent, remotely practical set of demands is due to “attacks from a hostile press while surviving sub-zero temperatures in central London.” Yes, some people have been laughing at Laurie and her incredibly radical peers, which is beastly and mean. Plus it’s been a bit nippy.

The OccupodPeople Will Save Us.

Occupiers blather, stab, shit on streets. The leftist media swoons.

The Occupiers complain about their shanty towns finally being scraped from the streets in an attempt to restore order and basic hygiene. And like so much else before it, this too is disingenuous. Given their behaviour and the growing squalor, what did they expect to happen? What was their exit strategy? At what point were they planning to clear up their garbage, pick up the excrement, apologise to the locals and go home peacefully?

It’s the Calibre of the People That Impresses Me the Most.

Meet Occupy Denver’s Idiot Hat Guy. A radical thinker, a delicate flower.

Idiot Hat Guy plans to obstruct a lawful business and “disallow” staff from entering or leaving their own place of work. His intended victims can apparently still “practice their free will” provided they don’t actually try to earn a living or try to get home. Note too the implication that, should reinforcements arrive, things may get physical. But when faced with the suggestion that he and his comrades are forcing their will on others, Idiot Hat Guy gets upset. Evidently, he doesn’t like being confronted with what he’s actually doing, stated in simple terms and perhaps for the first time. For someone who presumably likes to think of himself as radical and heroic, the dissonance must be quite troubling. After all, fascism couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the utopias of the left. And so our champion of the people tries to change the subject by pretending that he’s the one whose freedoms are being “violated.” His flattering self-image is called into question and – pow! - suddenly, he’s the victim.

Socialism always attracts the smart ones.

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