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April 13, 2012



I've walked past that car crash a half dozen times and finally I know what it was about.

There's something ironic in creating a slow motion car crash and then speeding it up thru time lapse footage, but still so slow that I skipped ahead! How much more awesome if they had crashed the car properly!


“Social interactions determine the garments’ level of transparency, creating a sensual play of disclosure.”

It's truly hideous. Even the model looks like she thinks it stinks.


Occupy: “Fuck the bourgeoisie.”

"Down with the people whose taxes pay for all those freebies we want."


“Down with the people whose taxes pay for all those freebies we want.”

Heh. They haven’t quite grasped the nature of the relationship, have they?

In other news... From the towers of academia, where dispassionate enquiry and critical thinking prevail: Dear Leader 101.


Well, at least now we know there's one male heterosexual fashion designer.

Jason Bontrager

Hot dog pizza crust...hmm. Needs more bacon. Or at least sausage.

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