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Yes, Che was ruthless and fanatical and sometimes murderous. But was he a murderer? No, not in the sense of a serial killer or gangland assassin. He was one of those rare people who are prepared to push past ethical constraints, even their own conscience, and bring about a greater good by doing terrible things. Whether morally justifiable or not, there is something admirable in that - pure principle in a world of shabby compromise. Maybe this is why Che remains such an icon, both in image and idea.

Darragh McManus, journalist, author and fellator of brutes. Oh, and Guardian contributor, naturally.

A more realistic view of Ernesto “Che” Guevara can be had from those who encountered his homicidal manliness first-hand. Oddly enough, they don’t recall “a brave and compassionate warrior-poet.” And there’s also Ted Balaker’s short film about those who swoon over Castro’s child killer and narcissist-in-chief.