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April 28, 2012



Oh, and yes. The film is great fun.

Going tonight. Is it as good as the reviews say?



Saw it in IMAX 3D with a very excited audience (including a boy of maybe seven in his own Iron Man outfit). People left grinning. So yes, I’d say it is.

John D

But does the hulk dress as a clown?




"The relationship between Janet and [Hank] Pym had always been one of loving squabbling, but her wealth and his research had always stopped him from proposing. One day, a cocky new costumed crime-fighter called Yellowjacket broke into Avengers HQ. He claimed to have disposed of Pym and even kidnapped Janet. To the outrage of her colleagues, Janet then married Yellowjacket. A tension-filled wedding was made even more edgy by an attack by the Circus of Crime. During the fight it was discovered that Yellowjacket was Pym. He had had an accident with some chemicals causing a severe case of dissociative identity disorder. Janet had realized this from very early on and had taken advantage of it to tie the knot with Hank."



and rumbled in his underpants.

I'm afraid to ask.



“I’m afraid to ask.”

Rumbled as in brawled. In his underpants. It was early days. I don’t think they’d quite sorted out the Hulk’s crime-fighting wardrobe.


Saw it in 3D, worked well. Was MUCH funnier than I expected.



I laughed at Stark prodding Banner with the pen to see what would happen. Yes, much wittier than expected. Quite exciting too. And just about every character got something to do, which is no small feat.


The whole audience laughed really loudly when The Hulk whacked Thor.


"Avengers is a cracking film. And remember, every time you see a mainstream pro-American Hollywood film, Ken Loach cries."



I can't believe they killed off one of my favourite supporting characters.




Avengers is a cracking film. And remember, every time you see a mainstream pro-American Hollywood film, Ken Loach cries.”


I’ve often thought Loach would make a plausible third-rate supervillain. After all, he believes he’s been wronged (based on the fact his films aren’t very popular) and wants to correct this supposed outrage with a diabolical, faintly ludicrous scheme. He says his role is “to be critical, to be challenging… to be disturbing, not to be part of the establishment.” And apparently he must do all this “challenging” and “disturbing” via a vast, publicly subsidised state apparatus with himself, or someone like him, at its helm. Given sufficient power over what cinema-goers may watch, vast swathes of the population will eventually come to like his films, and of course his politics. And all of this will confirm his anti-establishment credentials.

Col. Milquetoast

Definitely a fun movie.

I can't believe they killed off one of my favourite supporting characters.

We'll see. If Fury lied about the cards then did he also lie about Coulson? He could always come back as a LMD.

Did anyone else notice that Loki's illusionary versions of himself flicker remarkably like the Princess Leia hologram that R2D2 showed to Obi Wan Kenobi. Clearly, Hollywood is under the impression that holograms will never, ever be perfected even with otherworldly technology or magic. 

btw, Chris Evans who played Captain America in the Avengers also played Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies. Potential nicknames for him : Captain Torch or Human America.

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