The Condiments of Tomorrow
Elsewhere (64)

Friday Ephemera

Attention, ladies. An end to the nightmare of camel-toe slacks. // Instant, fleeting inebriation. // Touchscreen with no touching. // “Stroud had discovered that magnets repel sharks.” (h/t, Dr Westerhaus) // Body armour made of meat. // The mysteries of yawning. (h/t, MeFi) // Trundling into the future. // Slinky on a treadmill. (h/t, Simen) // Elephant prosthetics. // Israeli panoramas. (h/t, Liam) // Duophonic whistling. It’s practically a superpower. // How to optimise your class war rhetoric. // A little maths. // Measuring the Universe. // Chocolate sausages. // The Chork. It’s chopsticks, it’s a fork. // Japanese beatniks, 1964. // Bubble.