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Friday Ephemera

Attention, ladies. An end to the nightmare of camel-toe slacks. // Instant, fleeting inebriation. // Touchscreen with no touching. // “Stroud had discovered that magnets repel sharks.” (h/t, Dr Westerhaus) // Body armour made of meat. // The mysteries of yawning. (h/t, MeFi) // Trundling into the future. // Slinky on a treadmill. (h/t, Simen) // Elephant prosthetics. // Israeli panoramas. (h/t, Liam) // Duophonic whistling. It’s practically a superpower. // How to optimise your class war rhetoric. // A little maths. // Measuring the Universe. // Chocolate sausages. // The Chork. It’s chopsticks, it’s a fork. // Japanese beatniks, 1964. // Bubble.



Hello David,
Thanks for posting the link to Omer Calev's Israeli panoramas site. I'd like to credit my friend Efrat Nakash ( for sending me this link (a sort of secondary hat-tip).

Simen Thoresen

Wow! on the yawning video. Also, thank you for listing the shark-repellent and meat-armour -links together. I feel an inspiration coming on...

Best wishes for Friday, ya'all.




The secret to repelling sharks with 100% success is – obviously – magnetic meat.

Also, an engineering flowchart.


"Body armour made of meat. "

Yikes! Someone flayed the Hulk!

carbon based lifeform

The American West 150 years ago.

Horace Dunn

Here's a little piece to provoke some chuckles ... George Monbiot discovers that Pilger and Chomsky are spitelful shits. Oh well, George, better late than never.

Oh, and the last paragraph is priceless...

Simen Thoresen

Oh, and this small piece from that humanitarian 3rd-circle of hell, Canada;

Now when will we think of those starving (and snarky) Canadians?




“…that humanitarian 3rd-circle of hell, Canada.”

And so Canada’s aboriginal people have a “right” to a varied and plentiful diet, as determined by Dr De Schutter, while also having a right to live traditional aboriginal lives – lives that can by definition entail sometimes having less than a varied and plentiful diet, as determined by Dr De Schutter.

Why, it’s almost as if Dr De Schutter hadn’t thought it through.


He's an academic. He doesn't have to think - he just has to know.


Cat versus praying mantis.


Ukraine's Femen activists training hard for their Euro 2012 campaign:

I'm not exactly sure what "sex sabotage" entails, but it's certainly got me quaking in my boots.

We came, we undressed, we conquered!


Are those Femen-ists being made to do... girl push-ups? Does the matriarchy of this organization believe that a woman isn't capable of being every bit as strong as a male? Why are they projecting their oppressive chauvinism onto innocent young female minds and bodies? If this doesn't qualify as a form of psychological rape, then what does?

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