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Friday Ephemera

Hey, it could happen. // Hands up if your garage contains a Boeing 737 nose cone and flight simulator. // Bees that drink human tears. // Harvesting bees in the Himalayas. // Elephant chair. // Elephants have big innards. // Tiny tarantula. // Cocktail shaker of note. // Coffee maker of note. // Now this is a shopping trolley. // How a Bicycle is Made, 1945. // Watch lithium burn. // Skydiving in a kayak. // The radio time machine. // Retro synth sofa. (h/t, Robert) // The power of wearing spectacles. // The physics of a jumping Hulk. // Can your pet mouse do this? // And finally, Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf narrated by Boris Karloff



Urban sweat bees, for example, use humans like a salt lick.

There's nothing about that sentence I do not like.

Nate Whilk

I really like Karloff's "Tales of the Frightened". Short, spooky stories told in his inimitable manner. Here's one.


More maturity and stoicism from our campus radicals. And their enablers.


However, when several bees were involved, the experience was rather unpleasant,

Surely not. What could be more fun than having bees crawl into your eyes?


Tiny tarantula.

Listen, when 100s of those things escape the zoo.. and one turns up in my kitchen looking older, better fed and even less cute...that's when my final excuse for not emigrating to Oz (fear of the 8 legged characters over there) loses meaning.

carbon based lifeform

"SHIRI –the buttocks humanoid that represents emotions."


“SHIRI –the buttocks humanoid that represents emotions.”

Oh my.

... er....

I’m not quite sure how to respond to that.

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