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May 30, 2012



Activism versus education.

And Occupy's educated morons are the end product.


“And Occupy’s educated morons are the end product.”

Well, it’s interesting just how many Occupiers are recipients of, or peddlers of, this kind of pseudo-education. But they needn’t be morons as such. Many of them have relatively high IQs. It’s more that they’ve been schooled in a far-leftist worldview, which generally requires that one avoid thinking about certain, rather obvious things in certain, rather obvious ways. Despite the guff about “critical thinking” and “critical theory,” there’s a remarkable shortage of autonomous mental activity. The Occupiers don’t seem very knowledgeable or sceptical; they’re typically ignorant and credulous. And more often than not, they’re also narcissistic and bizarrely arrogant.


I just spent a wholly worthwhile hour listening to those videos. Really interesting stuff. Thanks for posting them up, David.



Glad you liked. It explores a lot of the themes we’ve touched on here over the years.

As Horowitz says in the lecture, this kind of narcissism and stupidity exists – and flourishes – because it’s institutionally supported. The people he mentions (and the dozens of academic clowns noted here) don’t exist in a vacuum. However incompetent or unhinged they may be, almost every one of them has enjoyed endorsement and approval from their peers. You don’t get tenure, or get to be a Distinguished Professor or a department chairman, without some institutional backup. They’re not just random anomalies; they’re expressions of a culture, a fiefdom - one that’s become dishonest and dysfunctional. And, as Horowitz says, exposure and embarrassment are apparently the only tools to have any effect, however temporarily.


Just wanted to say I also watched those with great interest. Thanks, David.

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