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June 08, 2012



When the answer to narcissism is even more narcissism.

"In comparison to rape, perpetrating mass murder, or other terrible things, street demonstration is relatively less traumatic… Spending time in the 'sad space' intentionally allows us to delve deeper into the things we need to heal and we can gradually recover memories that may have been blacked out in order to cope at an earlier stage in life."


They really haven't got a grip on things, have they?


Don’t laugh. They’re building a better world through colossal self-involvement.


Our heads are getting bigger.


The caption under the picture in the "Fun with Photoshop" link totally channels the "Far Side" cartoons by Gary Larson.


One for your "Psychodrama" tag:


Particular fun was to be had when one of the Koskids got wind of Anne's initial piece and popped into the comments to call everyone insipid lying racist liars, or similar rot, for refusing to ignore that Warren is a lying, racialist spinner of insipid lies:


All good and proper Progressive-Projectionists must defend Warren's house of cards, apparently, less it tumble into a domino effect and take their own with it.


Oh help me Lord. What a flashback! Not only do I remember that Rat in the Skull illustration, I owned the issue of IF.


I know it's a cliche, but what do people like 'Thistle' see, when they look at themselves?

Their thought and speech patterns, and even bodily gestures are so reminiscent of small children? It's like watching a left-wing parody of Potter's 'Blue Remembered Hills'.

Thistle: It's, like, sooo unfair reality intervened in my mass delusion. How DARE you tell me that something which I didn't want to happen has actually happened?

John Holland

Re: underpants of note

Finnish women have a widow's peak. Waddaya know.

The Friday Ephemera never fails to educate.

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