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June 22, 2012


Simen Thoresen

Ah, a good morning. Thank you, David.

...and as part of my morning viewing pleasure - infinite dressup of the infinite dressup doll.


carbon based lifeform

"One piece Wonder Sauna Hot Pants simultaneously reduces waist, hips and thighs."

I don't think I'd buy a pair of plastic pants that shrinks anything you put in them...



“…infinite dressup of the infinite dressup doll.”

Oh sweet lord. It’s an OCD nightmare. With steel drums. Though I was strangely entertained by the clink of Arnie’s grenades.


Concerning the planet Uranus, the subject came up in Futurama.

Fry: Why don't we go to ... Your anus - he, he, he.
Professor: We changed the name of that planet long ago so we could get rid of that stupid joke.
Fry: What's it called now?
Professor: Urasshole.


Why did 2000 ducks cross the road?


Laurie Penny's latest bid for attention.



“Laurie Penny’s latest bid for attention.”

Thanks, I saw. Not the most edifying moment in the history of Wellington College.

It’s interesting how readily our self-styled “riot girl” shifts into poor-little-helpless-me-mode whenever she’s out of her depth or is challenged on her various slurs and fabrications. And I can’t help wondering how people who actually have been attacked by violent thugs feel about Ms Penny’s self-flattering hyperbole.

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