The Roar of Mighty Weapons
Elsewhere (67)

Friday Ephemera

The flatulence deodoriser is worn “taped inside the underwear next to the buttocks.” And for bedtime, there’s the gas sack. // Every woman wants a chainsaw handbag. // Crab and dachshund meet on a beach. // Kiev in infrared. // Fireworks filmed from above, via balloon. // Papercraft heads. // Full-size Hot Wheels. // Laughing rats. // Landscapes made of wool. // Whale chair, obviously. // What causes a hangover? // Octopus hatchlings. // Russian army, circa 1892. (h/t, Coudal) // Photographs of unusual humans, circa 1870-1880. // The films of Harold “Doc” Edgerton. // Einstein in mandals. // Do not grip fireworks with your buttocks