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August 24, 2012


Wm T Sherman

So it appears that only one of the Las Vegas mushroom cloud images is the real thing. Interesting mentality, buying a postcard like that. Nowadays nobody would ever want to suggest they'd been hosed down by fallout. Unclean, unclean.

Random thought. I knew someone who was in Vegas for a conference when that PEPCON ammonium perchlorate plant up the road went up in 1988. She was lounging by the hotel pool at the time and said it shook everything pretty significantly. Authorities later estimated the largest blast at 9,000 tons, i.e. 9 kilotons.

And the build-up of perchlorate inventory was due to suspending space shuttle flights after the 1986 Challenger disaster. Connections...


the Henderson County Sheriff basically just told everyone to shoot the home invaders, hopefully to death.

Works for me.


over on troy hill in pittsburgh i own the house on the side of the hill


here's a better pic:


fineview is towards the left troy hill straight ahead



“Works for me.”

It’s a topic we’ve discussed before:

Wouldn’t it be wise to disable [the intruder] as quickly as possible, by whatever means, rather than risk being at his mercy, along with the rest of your family? Doesn’t that most likely involve using as much force as can be mustered… even if that risks the intruder’s death or serious, permanent injury? Is that “excessive or disproportionate” - or is it a basic moral imperative?

Though noted Guardianista Marcel Berlins disagrees. Apparently we should consider the feelings of the burglar. I exaggerate, of course. But only slightly.


Apparently we should consider the feelings of the burglar.

So burglars are now a victim group. It was bound to happen sooner or later.



Well, there’s something odd about Berlins’ sneery dismissal of “have-a-go heroes” and his reference to burglars as only “potentially” dangerous, as if, well, they might be dangerous, possibly, occasionally, but only if X,Y and Z. Given the scenario I mentioned, which is hardly outlandish, it would be insane to assume the intruder is anything but dangerous, and extremely so. You have to wonder how Mr Berlins might react in those circumstances, and at what point he’d consider the defence of his own children “reasonable.”


How 'Dark Knight Rises' should have ended.

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Seven-year-old wins Iceland ram groping contest


“Seven-year-old wins Iceland ram groping contest.”

A boost for tourism if ever I heard one.


14 idiot dogs who don't know how to pose for pictures...



Number 11 is a keeper. You can’t help wondering at what point (and with which senses) the happy couple detected the, um, event.


"A boost for tourism if ever I heard one."

This should be an international event! I'm confident Wales would walk off with the trophy.

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