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September 21, 2012



The glass horse is amazing.


Liquid Nitrogen link:

Great fun, but surely the real experiment here was to see what would happen if DJ Chris Evans were a scientist - what would he get up to? Take a life-size model, give him 1000 ping-pong balls, put him in a laboratory and cover your ears...


Love the puffer fish story. Who'd have guessed the answer?


Puffer fish art, cheaper in cost and better in quality than extortion funded art.

Col. Milquetoast

David had previously mentioned The Big Yellow Bunny of Sweden. In the hope of finding something equally appealing, I was browsing the artist's other projects and noticed this one :

I transformed two normal vans into a courier vans, by copying the fleet marking of TNT and DHL Logistics & Mail. Using the vans is a performance on an almost daily basis, which starts when I make use of it: on the road I greet my 'colleagues', and I park the car as real couriers do. Although I never pay any parking fee and don’t have a parking licence, I never got fined for doing so.This work questions as well as proves the power of a logo in public space.

It is, ahem, art.

free speaker

The complete Indoctrinate U.

That's scary as hell.


free speaker,

“That’s scary as hell.”

Well, it’s a vivid display of what happens when leftist psychology is given license and dominion – resulting in a mixture of farce and the truly sinister. I think what troubles most is the realisation that the indoctrinators show no signs of equivocation, or shame, or any susceptibility to facts, probity and rational argument. As Daniel Pipes says in the film, “It’s like joining a church; you have to be a believer.”

I reviewed Indoctrinate U when it was released. I still think the film deserves a much wider audience.


Via Ace of Spades...you'd get to it eventually but think of all those lost minutes-o-mirth...




Heh. Surreal. From a distance you’d assume it was a comedy sketch.

And naturally, Laurie Penny is very impressed.


"Why are you arresting me…?!"

If only the world didn't have consequences.


"Why are you arresting me…?!"

If only the world didn't have consequences.


What amuses me about that is that the cops don't seem to give what would seem to be an obvious answer, that she is damaging public property. But given her repeated insistence on this point, that she repeatedly states that she is simply exercising free speech, that the police don't seem to answer, and that this is taking place in NY (though SF might be more of a tell), it wouldn't surprise me at all if she is within her legal right to do so, at least in NYC.


“If only the world didn’t have consequences.”

And it’s curious how our alleged advocate of free speech has achieved quite the opposite effect. Apparently the subway now “belongs to the 99%.”


David, you seem to have a problem staying in your assigned spot on the space-time continuum. You should have that looked at...

At today’s public meeting of the MTA, audience members held signs in support of Eltahawy saying the subways “belong to the 99%."



Doh! My bad... that was the story at your link...failed to follow it. Still, can't blame me for having my suspicions...Guild of Evil and all...

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