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Answers On a Postcard, Please

Friday Ephemera

How to levitate liquid with sound. // How to make a hot glass horse in no time at all. // Luminous dog leashes for walkies after dark. // How deep is your swimming pool? // Puffer fish carve geometric patterns in sand. All for lady puffer fish. // Prism glasses for tilted reading. // Buddhabrot. // Chocolate beer milkshake. // For readers who tire of humdrum carpeting. // Made of cardboard. // Fedor Yurchikhin’s snapshots from space. // An index of unused airfields. (h/t, Things) // Leftist teachers taking liberties, part 4,023. // The complete Indoctrinate U. (h/t, Mike) // Prisons and opera houses. // Liquid nitrogen meets 1,500 ping pong balls