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Friday Ephemera

This man is standing awfully close to a cascade of lava. // For ladies who fight crime. Or commit crime, stylishly. // Click then focus. (h/t, Brian Micklethwait) // A camera falls from space. // 30 metre whale kite. // Body modification, it’s not for everyone. // Curvature compensation and virtual anatomy. // Performing routine tasks with no arms. // Volcanic Iceland. // At last, off-the-shelf ready-peeled bananas. // It’s a belt buckle, it’s a beer holder. // Pig swing. (h/t, EBD) // How to remove a fish hook from your finger. // Morbid curiosities found in old newspapers. // Miniature New York deli, 21” long. // A monkey on a goat on a cup on a tightrope.



This man is standing awfully close to a cascade of lava.

It looks bracing. You don't want to be stuck indoors all day.


Click then focus.

That's my Christmas list sorted.

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Have you discussed teledildonics before?



“Have you discussed teledildonics before?”

It feels like something that ought to have been mentioned here at least once over the years but the blog’s search widget says no. I suppose I’d have remembered the Zeus and its impressive “tightening grip.”

So, um. Thanks for correcting that terrible oversight.





Heh. Thanks for that.

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