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November 30, 2012



The perspective illusions are very convincing.


Because you need a baguette bag.

Also works for man stuff like bolt cutters.

sackcloth and ashes

I always thought Scaramanga had probably the best plan for a Bond villain.

No plan for world domination or destruction, and no victims (except for Arab oil producers) if he wins. He gets very rich, and he stops being an assassin.

As for practical flaws in the other plans:

Orlov (Octopussy) - Your plan works well, until NEST test the isotopes of the nuke you just used to destroy Ramstein AFB. They discover that the bomb was Soviet, not American, in origin, and that the explosion was not an accident. So you still get WWIII.

Stromberg (The Spy Who Loved Me) - Love the plan to start WWIII, destroy civilisation, and start a new world order under the sea. But where are your women?

Kronsteen (From Russia With Love) - Neat plan, but there are too many moving parts, and Red Grant needs to be a very busy man to keep Bond alive before he gets on the Orient Express.

Blofeld (You Only Live Twice) - Japan is a US ally, so if you start a nuclear war between the superpowers you might very well have a bucket of sunshine dropped on, or near, your volcano base.

Blofeld (OHMSS) - If you have to carry out your threat to destroy the world's agriculture with your bioweapons, have you checked to see that Piz Gloria will be self-sufficient in the 'Death of Grass'-style apocalypse to come?



Also works for man stuff like bolt cutters.

Or nunchucks, presumably.

People often walk around with nunchucks, don’t they?


The perspective illusions are very convincing.

Unlike Shatner's acting. ;D


Unlike Shatner’s acting.

Ahem. Mr Shatner has outwitted the most powerful computers of the 23rd century and seduced any number of green alien women, all while being fabulous and groovy. He’s also been the subject of Great Works Of Art. So I think you should treat Mr Shatner with the respect he deserves.

All the man wants is a moister – tastier – turk – ee.


Our impartial BBC: 'By their tweets shall ye know them.'


"Play with your very own nuclear power plant"

My first impulse, naturally, is to blow the thing up

Col. Milquetoast

Bond villains evaluated

I'm disappointed the 1967 Casino Royale wasn't evaluated. The villain's plan : use biological warfare to kill every man over 4.5 feet tall so that all the remaining men will be shorter than Woody Allen who will then, obviously, will become a chick magnet.

(A movie of great fun but it does makes one wonder if some of the people making it used drugs or if they just wanted the viewer to think they used them.)

Col. Milquetoast

William Shatner is awesome. As amusing as the autotuning was, they should have put him in a tux, given him a stool and a cigarette and let him sing it out.


I came across a few tweets that mentioned this blog. Some were flattering; others less so. What struck me, though, was the belief that this is a conservative blog. I don’t think of it, or me, as particularly conservative – which, according to lefties, seems to mean uptight and harrumphy, or just malevolent.

It’s true (and pretty obvious) that I don’t like socialism or the psychology that goes with it, and it’s true I find leftist ticks and dishonesties more interesting than most others. But I still don’t feel ‘conservative’. The British Conservative Party is marginally less obnoxious than the left in terms of individual rights and economic reality, but it’s often a tough call and I’m no great fan. For better or worse, there isn’t a mainstream party with which I can identify. Though, as Peter Risdon recently pointed out, many classical liberals took refuge in the Conservative Party “because of the totalitarian tendencies of the other two.”


Face it David, you are evil. Accept it. Own it.

Spiny Norman


Here in the US, we have the Libertarian Party (of which I was a member - 30 years ago). Unfortunately, they've become the Kook Party, a club for pot heads and hardcore isolationists, where economic liberty has taken a back seat. As the last election, and the current debate over taxes and spending depressingly shows, we classical liberals don't have a home in either major political party in this country as well.

sackcloth and ashes

@ Col Milquetoast

I prefer to forget that 'Casino Royale' (1967 version) ever existed, not least because without it I would have complete respect for David Niven and his career.

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Suddenly, I'm put off Chinese cuisine.



It might also explain why there are so few Icelandic restaurants on the high street.


Spiny... Unfortunately, they've become the Kook Party

While this is certainly true, consider the tradition in American politics that third parties don't last long because they get absorbed into one or the other of the two parties. My prayer is that we might possibly see the evolution of a reverse osmosis in the making, this being the only short-term hope for the Republic that I can see. Perhaps via subterfuge we could spark a marketing campaign to absorb more of the left wing to grow said sponge? Of course we should first build in a destruct mechanism in the likelihood that it starts to steam roll…ah, never mind.


What, Ted's never had a Rocky Mountain Oyster?

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Comment stolen from an American web-site:

It is so f***ing charmingly British to call them "jumpers" that I'm inclined to let this one slide.

(It's the Guardian's take on Christmas sweaters. So much psychodrama.)

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