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Or, Six Years of Blogging and I Still Don’t Have One of These:

A birdsong machine, circa 1890. (h/t, Cmeej.) 

As usual, posting will be intermittent over the holidays and readers are advised to subscribe to the blog feed, which will alert you to anything new. Thanks for another five thousand or so comments this year, some of which have been much more interesting than the actual posts. And particular thanks to all those who’ve made PayPal donations to help keep this rickety barge afloat. Much appreciated. Newcomers are invited to rummage through the archives and greatest hits, where you’ll find, among other things, the thrill of public nudity, the warm glow of socialist compassion and humility, and coverage of the loftiest, most high-minded arts

To you and yours, a very good one. 


marc in calgary

That's beautiful.


I shall raise a glass to you and yours this Yuletide.


Season's best to our host and the regulars (and yes, even the lurkers).


Thanks for another year's worth of logical rebuttals and mad ephemera, David. Have a great Christmas everyone.

John D

What sk60 said.


What John D said.

And check your stocking. ;)


What dw said.

Here's what I want for Christmas.

carbon based lifeform


Here's what I want for Christmas.

You're going to need a big litter tray.

Merry Christmas all.


You enrich my existence David.

Actually, more than anyone else I have stumbled across in my travels around the webbynettyinterthingy you have provided the ammo I have needed when arguing with the ...the.....well, tossers, that you so beautifully post-mortem on this site.

Thank you.

With thanks please accept my pathetic attempt at returning the favour via paypal. Do spend it wisely.....exploding banana masks won't cut it. A bottle of Scotch might.

P.S. mind you, being well armed in an intellectual debate where the prevailing orthodoxy rules can expose one to some rather uncomfortable attention from those in 'authority'.... Ah well......


What Anna said. (Not the panda bit.)

Col. Milquetoast

For Anna, I think all of us here will be willing to take up a collection and get her a green ball.

Susan (former lurker)

I found this 'rickety barge' when a friend showed me your fisking of Alexander Vasudevan and his 'cartographies of protest'. Been a fan ever since. Merry Christmas to you and your commenters.


Those loving academics in useful non-waffle subjects.


A merry Christmas to all Guild of Evil members.

Also, this:

In a letter sent on December 1oth accusing him of "conduct unbecoming a federal officer," the Social Security Administration employee was informed that his "uncontrollable flatulence" had created an "intolerable" and "hostile" environment for coworkers, several of whom have lodged complaints with supervisors.


Merry Christmas, everyone. Not sure if I found this here or elsewhere or myself but enjoyable and worth repeating either way...

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