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January 2013

Friday Ephemera

“The Freshette protects against unsanitary restrooms, uneven terrain, wind, rain and snow.” (h/t, Ace) // Fifty years of Bond titles. // Beet box. // Mixtape table. // Simon Beck’s snow art. // The contraptions of Dr Kellogg. // Sworn virgins. // Strange weather ahead. // Avengers effects. // At last, a robot dragonfly. (h/t, Dr Westerhaus) // Towels and stool left on the Moon. // Lactating milk jug and other kitchen accessories. (h/t, Simen) // Inks. // Catzilla. Hey, it could happen. // Cockerels and fish. // Clever mice. // Magnetic light mine. // “This is exactly what a record made of ice sounds like.” // And remember this? It’s been upgraded.