Monbiot and the Morlocks
Friday Ephemera

The Agonies of the Left: An Ocean of Tears

The freeloader’s manifesto. As rjmadden notes in the comments, replace ‘capitalism’ with ‘adulthood’ and all becomes clear.

Growing up is so hard to do.

From the thinkers who brought us this:   

Our art is radical, not at all self-important

Saddened by the proles thinking for themselves. Saddened and baffled. 

They dare to disagree with us.

Their fretting makes them better than us. 

Maybe not true either.

The downsides of activism.

The sleep of the righteous.

Yes, of course. That should do it. 

Laurie encounters economics, remains baffled.

Longing for uncomplicated anger. 

Pure, like the anger of a child.

Says the “radical trans queer Marxist transfeminist poet and theorist-in-progress.” 

Stopping discussion is a discursive achievement.

The Christmas spirit. Freeze the elderly for the Greater Good.

Negating festivities for a brighter tomorrow.

Do please keep them coming. We must learn our place in their world.

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