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February 18, 2013



The more “activist” Big Government gets, the more inactive the nation at large.

The problem in a nutshell.


The more “activist” Big Government gets, the more inactive the nation at large.

And the more in debt.

carbon based lifeform

Two from Timmy:



Spiny Norman

Re: the Janet Daley link,

When did the commentariat at the "Torygraph" morph into the knuckleheads from the Graun? Has rational thought been banished there?


The GPO story - that's what the Left want every industry to be like. The power to dispense or withhold even the tiniest things.

And if you are a subversive organisation like the ASI, those selfless state servants, with only the interests of the citizen at heart, will oppose you every step of the way.

BTW that story isn't that far removed from the modern BT. Approx 4 years ago I moved house and wanted to keep my landline number. Despite the new flat having an existing, working telephone connection, it took BT over FIVE WEEKS to effectively merely flip a switch at their end.

Luckily my new street had fibre optic cable, so I bid BT a fond fuck off and had Virgin install the lot in less than a week, including connecting the flat from scratch.


"The bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen." ~~Dennis Prager

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