Lava Lamp
Not Much Tweeting in Antarctica

Friday Ephemera

Why dogs don’t rule the Earth. // Dubai down below. // Bridging the generation gap with Black Ops 2. // Weird vintage. // Menswear dog. // Can you find Momo? (h/t. MeFi) // Add milk for Scottie pinwheel. // Notable pencil sharpener. // Step-by-step instructions for octopizza pie. // Hey, it’s Elvis and Priscilla relaxing at home. // Hitler’s toilet found at last. // Fighting communism with jazz. // Miles Davis, live in Sweden and Germany, 1967. // The searchable Calvin and Hobbes. // Woob: Have Landed. // E.T.A. // An advert for beer. // “Even in the dark you cannot put it on the wrong way.” // And The Lovers present La Degustation