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February 09, 2013



What's interesting is that this wasn't even the *first* James Bond movie to feature evil homosexuals, although I think it's the only time they have dressed anyone in drag (for which, by the way, no explanation is given.)

Sanity Inspector

Happy blogoversary!

Spiny Norman

Cheers, David! Here's to 6 more.


Congratz! And here's to the next six years! :)


"Cakes! Why'd it have to be cakes?"


I think it's the only time they have dressed anyone in drag (for which, by the way, no explanation is given.)

It's the best scene in the film and truly bizarre.

So David, does it feel like six years?


So David, does it feel like six years?

My opinion varies.

...for which, by the way, no explanation is given.

To add to the oddity, Charles Gray had already appeared, briefly, in You Only Live Twice, as Mr Henderson, an obliging agent in Tokyo who is promptly murdered. He then crops up four years later as a pussy-petting supervillain with transvestite leanings. And yet Bond, our most amazing superspy ever, fails to notice this.

Simen Thoresen

Yay! Six years - Congratulations.

I see the string 'davidthompson' as in the URL occurs only 113 times in my main 'sent-mail' -folder, so I can't take much credit for the rolling success and upcoming deodorant- and celebrity- ready-to-eat-meal -deals. The first posting I forwarded to my friends, was this;

So again - your big day, is all about me.

Hugs all around.

Oh, and I should not have that much cake before breakfast - is there still something left in that bottle?


peter horne

Happy anniversary.


Where's my cake?

Peter Risdon

Congratulations. Here's to the next six.


Another six years… Ye gods, you people don’t want much, do you?


Don't stop now, David. I've heard it takes at least five years for a blog to mature. ;D

John Farrier

Happy blogiversary!


At the end of the film Bond catches the villains (who are serving bombe surprise) by saying "such a fine meal deserves a Claret". "Alas our cellars are poorly stocked" replies Mr Kidd. "but Mouton Rothschild is a Claret" reveals Bond about the wine that has been served. And thus exposed the final battle begins.

Now call me a cynic but any waiter worth his salt would never embarrass a customer by correcting them, particularly when they are entertaining a guest.

Perhaps it was the aftershave that upset him.

Jeff Guinn

** So cake for everyone. **

That's good, because I just ran out of bread.


BON ANNIVERSAIRE Monsieur Thompson !! Tres bon Blog !!




I liked Donald Pleasance.

The scar, I think.

Stephen Keating

Good company, fine conversation, and superb wine. Many more years of this fine establishment.

sackcloth and ashes

'I liked Donald Pleasance.

The scar, I think'.

He also had the maniacal intensity required. But I still think that Telly Savalas got closer to the character Fleming originally created.

Charles Gray, on the other hand, turned Blofeld into an over-achieving version of Alan Clark. The confrontation between him and Bond in the Las Vegas penthouse had all the dramatic tension of a dispute in a London club over dress regulations. You have to keep reminding yourself that 007 is confronting the man who murdered his wife.


George Sanders, now, would have made an OUTSTANDING Blofeld. Silkily threatening.

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