The Incident
Elsewhere (88)



Terrifyingly large, the Titanic. Unsinkable? How did it ever stay afloat?

Still I suppose I've seen bigger things transporting 1000s of Swedish tax-avoiders from Stockholm to do their shopping elsewhere.

We make smaller wonders now, or at least the Koreans, Japanese and Taiwanese do (often using ARM processors, though :))

Wonderful tumblr blog - I also liked the rather sinister U-boat sitting in a shipyard.


This one?


Yeah that's the one:) This one eventually sunk by British 'Liberator' bombers after refusing to obey the surrender order in 1945. It was salvaged, and went on display in UK museums apparently.


Ah, I didn’t know that. Thanks.


It's a lot prettier than the current arts we see funded by a way the Fuhrer would approve of.

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