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March 08, 2013



I can see your heartbeat.

Amazing. It's like having vampire vision.


It’s like having vampire vision.

Yes, it’s very clever. You can upload your own short videos and try the processing yourself. Obviously it works best on things that don’t seem to be moving at all.


Sorry, I just have to post this:




Will no-one help Professor Brian Cox?


"It's like he's had a bad pill."


“It’s like he’s had a bad pill.”

Quite. I try to avoid watching Mr Cox doing his dippy ingénue thing. But if I catch a few seconds by accident I can’t help thinking of Paul Whitehouse in The Fast Show. “In’t space brilliant?!”


Ha. He's no James Burke.


The Cox video is great. "Wonders of the Universe" is possibly the worst big-budget documentary series ever made.

Dr. Westerhaus

What irritates me most about Brian Cox' series is the lack of hard information, despite the grand claims. Nothing he states is any improvement on what's gone before, just more beautifully photographed - a common symptom of BBC 'holiday-documentaries' these days. I recently re-watched the Cosmos series again, and what saddened me most was the lack of progress, in both space exploration and the reporting of it since.

Carl Sagan was truly visionary in every sense, and his gawping in awe seemed totally authentic and original. Cox just seems like a drip. I'm sure he's as interesting and smart in real-life as I suspect him to be, but I need science from my programmes now, not good vibes...

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Technically, Andy, you didn't have to post that. ;-)

How about this one:

Private-sector sex education is a no-no.


Dr Westerhaus

I was a postgraduate in physics at the same place Cox was an undergraduate, and I I helped tutor a couple of the classes he was in.

My humble estimation of him was of reasonable but not blinding intelligence; enough to get a degree and Ph.D maybe but no Einstein. There were plenty of smarter students in the same year.

I stongly suspect his position is mostlye due to media savvy.

carbon based lifeform

Spider-Man redubbed:



What irritates me most about Brian Cox’ series is the lack of hard information…

It’s the new non-threatening science TV. You won’t learn an awful lot from it, but you won’t feel any less clever than the presenter. That way, no-one’s feelings get hurt. It’s very egalitarian. [ Added: ] If you compare Mr Cox’s offerings with, say, James Burke’s Connections or Jonathan Miller’s The Body in Question, you’ll notice a difference in tone. It’s quite striking at times. Burke and Miller were enthusiastic too and, like Cox, eager to pull the viewer in, but they assumed the viewer was a reasonably intelligent person with at least some interest in learning about a subject or idea that was new to them. With more recent offerings, there’s often a sense that any scary edges or implications of cleverness – and certainly any maths - have been smoothed away, so as not to scare off any people who aren’t actually that interested. Or indeed that clever. The result is very inclusive, if often rather dull.

Spider-Man redubbed.

Heh. “R-ruffles and Mr Peaches?”


Far left Fashion
If only Stalin would have had one of those smashing attributes, he'd be a true revolutionary! Like those rally dangerous guys at least.



Stalin WAS a hipster with a scarf. Just google "young Stalin" and see the photos.


I see your Batman and raise you a Hatchet Hacking Hitchhiker Hippie Homeboy Hero...OK, maybe Homeboy is pushing it...still...language warning...


Robert Edwards

The NYC portfolio is wonderful. I last lived there in 1982 and remember some of those buildings very well. Thanks.

As for Brian Cox - Oh! Is THAT who he is. Well, everyone (as so often) is right. So, what precisely, is the point of him?

But, as ever, an interesting medley...


As for Brian Cox - Oh! Is THAT who he is.

There’s a small industry devoted to ribbing Professor Cox and his inane gushing. For instance, there’s Wonders of the Stoner System.


"I can see your heartbeat."

I liked the eye which preceded the baby. The constant tiny movements of the eye, undetectable to the naked eye, as it were.

It's like those super slo-mo videos of cricket shots where the bat recoils or twists in ways you never realised, whether when you were playing or watching.

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