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March 15, 2013



What caught my eye with the analog computer was that it cost only $1850

in the 60's

Which you could buy a brand new small car ... like a VW Bug ... for that much.



Yes, but the Model 3500 contains four whole “problem diodes.” Why, it takes the breath away.


And of course, how to colour your faeces.

As hobbies go I'd rather play golf. Who wants to eat that much beetroot?

carbon based lifeform

Vagina bread.

I have very mixed feelings about that.


I have very mixed feelings about that.

I can’t claim any expertise in either baking or vaginas, but I think it’s the fact that ladies usually have only the one vagina, not several arranged in a sphincter-like ring. And I’m not quite sure why the packaging features what appears to be a schoolgirl dressed in a sailor suit.


Does anyone else find it interesting that the subject of penis envy, uh, arose in the lesbian video but none of the gay men were exprssing the desire to possess a vagina?

Dr. Westerhaus

Whoo - so much to think about today. Firstly, where do they find all those really hot lesbians? My penis is already interested. However, those cakes have now ruined my ardour. If that's what vaginas look like these days, they can keep 'em. The sailor suit isn't helping any.

So I don't know where that leaves me really - I think I'll go fishing instead...


GoT = LOTR w/nudity. Don't get either.


And of course, how to colour your faeces.

So the moral of the story is everything in moderation...?

Dr. Westerhaus

Here's a gentle 'awww' video with a slight twist:



Ha. Cute.


Those cakes might have appealed to the late Stephen Milligan. After all, they are more realistic than a melon.


I'd have been thinking 'shark!' too - I've seen too much Discovery Channel...


More badass cello from (who else?) The Piano Guys:



That second one features Alex Boyé, a British chap who is a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Yes, they're really on that cliff; the piano arrived via helicopter.

Subsequently, if you're prone to bouts of vertigo, you might want to watch that second one only if you have smelling salts at the ready.

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