No End in Sight to the Agonies of the Left
Elsewhere (89)

Friday Ephemera

Unhappy cat. // Baby antelope. // What lesbians think about penises. Includes the words “pointy” and “buoyant.” // Vagina bread. It’s not for everyone. // Porn stars minus their make-up. // Pendulum choir. // Diver meets pygmy octopus. // “The smallest analogue computer ever made.” // Street art. // Waves of glass and wood. // Greening the desert with livestock. (h/t, Elephants Gerald) // Grow maze, from the makers of grow cube. // Here be dragons. // “Previously on Game of Thrones…” There may be a test later. // The eyes have it. // Badass cello. // Albania’s unloved concrete bunkers. // And of course, how to colour your faeces.