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March 22, 2013


Spiny Norman

Bombsites of the London Blitz.

Keep zooming out . F!cking hell.

Spiny Norman

And the comment vanishes...



And the comment vanishes...

Restored. Looks like the spam filter’s still a bit twitchy. If anyone has problems with comments not appearing, email me and I’ll shake them loose with some gentle kicking.


The Star Trek film is looking pretty good.

Electronic dice barbarian gauntlet.

It's so you.


It’s so you.

I wear mine while singing about the lamentations of the women.


The "all-weather, self-illuminated, human powered vehicle" is supposed to "provide a high level of protection for any kind of weather." I don't think it's going to do well in a strong wind. Or even a not very strong wind.

Rich Rostrom

Electronic dice barbarian gauntlet

has disappeared from the catalog, alas.

Bombsites of the London Blitz


Has anyone else noticed that the "north" button of the movement rosette doesn't work? (One can click/drag the map south, so it's not a fatal problem, but annoying.)



Found an alternative link for the gauntlet. Try it now and behold.

Spiny Norman

Thanks for the fixing.

If anyone has problems with comments not appearing, email me and I’ll shake them loose with some gentle kicking.

But wouldn't a cattle prod be more fun?


But wouldn’t a cattle prod be more fun?

On the spammers perhaps.

Runcie Balspune

I used to live in East London, in a terraced street, I remember when I looked outside my back window I could clearly see the narrow houses opposite in the next street where new bricks defined the bomb damage, a kind of semi-circular hole across three or four houses, I have located the bombsite on the map, fascinating.

Spiny Norman

The "music for music trailers" documentary was far more interesting than I expected. Thanks for posting that one, David.


Gack! That reading chair makes me think less of reading than of Dr. Brodsky and the Ludovico Technique. Looks like a marvelous way to suppress any desire to read.



Most local authorities still have the colour-coded post-war damage maps available (Black for V1). If you can get hold of them, they're amazing reading. The bizarre architectural anomalies of the streets around my area in south London suddenly make a lot more sense when you count the V1 and bomb strikes.

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Mr. Men books reviewed


Mr. Men books reviewed

Heh. So the rumours were true. Mr Bounce is “an infant’s primer in Existentialism,” Mr Tickle is “the unrestrained id,” and Mr Strong is a “Nietzschean parable of the Superman.” Also liked this bit: “In a thinly-veiled reference to the oppression of the workers by the ruling class, we are told that Mr Uppity is rude to everyone.”

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