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March 29, 2013



On "whom":
Correctness is significantly less appealing when its price is the appearance of being—as an editor at The Guardian wrote—a “pompous twerp.”
Could it possibly get any more confusing?


This is not Photoshop. This is dangerous.


My fingers won't do that.


Beach Boys minus auto-tune.

The bad clapping makes it.


I'll take your non-photoshopped hanger-off-rooves and I'll raise you Spiderman


I wonder how many men have been crippled by building-hanging dude, he must have a handshake like a hydraulic press.


Heavens! Whoever did the Beach Boys clip is messing around in the Legion of Rock Stars' territory. Ya just don't mess with groups that have "Legion" in their name. Comic books teach us that much, and we ignore their lessons at our peril.


Legion of Rock Stars don't mind. This is actually not auto-tuneless Beach Boys, but a so called Beach Boys shred. Shreds galore on Youtube, laugh as much as you want.


Hmmm... being thought - by an editor at the Graun, no less - a pompous twerp; you say it like it was a bad thing.


Regarding the Revolutionary Diet Book, one wonders why they insist on having the reader pay for their books. Isn't this sort of commerce exactly what they are trying to wipe out?



Yes, but their book “formulates a perspective where weight loss is treated as a political act against a consumptive, capitalist, culture of excess.” And – and – “it categorically proves that one cannot lose excess weight and maintain a capitalistic hoarding psychology.”

It proves it. Categorically.

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Happy Easter

(Frankly, I was hoping for some zombie movies to celebrate the Undead Jesus. Or maybe Night of the Lepus.)


Eep. It’s a horror film waiting to happen.

Steve 2

Makes you wonder how come so many prominent progressives: the late Hugo Chavez, Michael Moore, Kim Jong Un, Dianne Abbott, etc. tend towards morbid obesity.

Perhaps Dianne and co. are radical ruminants: eating all that food so the poor oppressed masses don't have to.

Devouring the horrors of late-stage capitalism, one chunky Kit Kat at a time.


I would have thought that it was obvious that Marxism was THE best cure for Obesity, with only the leadership class burdened with it.


I would have thought that it was obvious that Marxism was THE best cure for Obesity, with only the leadership class burdened with it.

Socialist dieting. Also known as the Holodomor.


Since we've accidentally mentioned Diane Abbott again, let's keep up to date with her struggle against 'pornification' which our fearless reporters at the BBC are covering.

Enthusiastically agreeing with a mumsnet contributor, she says:

"One reason I am anxious to make a big speech about men, boys and male identity is to nail the lie that feminism is somehow the cause of the problem"

So Abbott is going to start telling me about myself! Should be entertaining, in a slightly gruelling, Stephen-King-novel sort of way.


It proves it. Categorically.

Dear Lefties: Words like "prove" or "show" are not synonyms for "assert", "claim", or "state".

Steve 2

Henry - I can't wait for Ms Abbott's insights into male identity. I trust it will be as illuminating as her past statements on the nefarious proclivities of white people.


National Socialists build death camps to starve people in.
International Socialists build entire countries into giant death camps of starving people!

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