Elsewhere (88)
Friday Ephemera

No End in Sight to the Agonies of the Left

He’s not allowed to call her that.

Just don't call her mum

A first world problem.

Linguistic agony

And don’t say seminal.

Linguistic agony 2

Or lunatic.

Laurie oppresses the lunatics among us

For Laurie, nothing less will do.

Hard to please

Wealthy people have distorted minds. If they’re wealthier than him, anyway.

Why, they're practically insane.

A priestly caste.

She has better insight than you

You don’t get to do it. Because of her genitals.

Always right. Don't argue

The unending jollity of identity politics.

He's teaching us, you see

Because, obviously, the insufficiently leftwing want women crushed under their heel.

The fearsome mind of Amanda Marcotte

Secular worship.

Always looking for a big, strong man

And yet it’s difficult to burgle houses from inside a prison cell.

An urge to lenience.

It rather depends on what you say.  

Laurie isn't being taken seriously

Part 7 in our series. Do please keep them coming. Oh, and feel free to use the button below. I have mambo records to buy.