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Friday Ephemera

Cyclops cat. // Dogs wearing pantyhose. // Hairy chest sweater. // Space cuisine. // A collection of malformed brains. // Tunnelling beneath New York. // Black and white. // Robotic surgeon not quite foolproof. // This is falling snow. // The great Nutella heist of 2013. // Reasons my son is crying. // The distance to Mars. // A history of wine labels. (h/t, Coudal) // Layout disasters of our time. (h/t, Kate) // Tsunami cloud. // Hot glass. // Time to defrost the freezer. // “Rhythmic ability in a California sea lion.” // Animal eyes. // Eye of Sauron desk lamp. // Disneyland staff cafeteria, 1961. // Vadering is the new fake quidditch. // Signage of note.