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May 13, 2013



And it may surprise readers to learn just how many former terrorists have been beckoned to the bosom of academia.

Leftwing nail bombings don't count.


Leftwing nail bombings don’t count.

It’s hard to imagine a similar welcome being extended to former abortion clinic bombers, say, or to people whose homicidal thrill-seeking was other than pointedly leftwing or overtly communist.

John D

"The Guardian continues to be the favourite in-house choice of newspaper for the BBC. Following a Freedom of Information request, new numbers reveal that Britain's largest news outlet again procured more copies of the Left-wing Guardian newspaper than any of its rivals. The news comes despite the continuing decline of the Guardian newspaper circulation amongst the general public."



and we speak of Moore’s law — computers’ processing power doubles every two years — as though it were one of the laws of thermodynamics

This is one of those things that has always bugged me. Glad to see someone else point it out. Even within a field such as engineering where accuracy is ever so important, this term became accepted as a "law" when really it is simply an observation. Granted there's a good bit of rationality and objective fact behind that observation, but it is still simply just that. Of course it wouldn't surprise me if some pop-computer journalist didn't originate the phrase. And of course I'm too lazy (or busy) to verify this. Guilty as charged.


France to ruin retail to transfer money to politically connected luvvies


Yo Gabba Gabba

Realted to Kevin Williamson's point, I like to say: No one complains about access, diversity of options, or cost of necessities like clothing, food, transportation, entertainment, communications etc. Everyone complains about the cost, meager options, and accessibility of good health care and K-12 education. Why don't we use the system that provides the first group of necessities to supply the second group?


"law" in the sense of Murphy's law - "Anything that can go wrong in a given situation inevitably will, at the worst possible moment" - Not capital-L "LAW" as in the Law of Gravity.

Or even Gunderson's commentary on Murphy's law: "Murphy was an optimist."

Col. Milquetoast

"NRA's use of the "war" metaphor is an illegal incitement to violence and should be prosecuted" so says Lancet editor and author of the book "Health Wars."

That's hilarious. He even recognizes and identifies it as a metaphor! First metaphors are jailable, then similes, then allegories, then onomatopoeia and then, well, you look like you're up to something.


I could never understand the glee with which the left pointed out the phrase ‘War on Terror’ as a example of George Bush's supposed lack of facility with the English-language. But at the same time happily embraced ‘Wars’ on poverty, ignorance, prejudice, racism, disease et cetera.


...without Gabriel García Márquez and Toni Morrison?”

LOL...note the obligatory diversity tacked on the end.


It makes perfect sense to tax one sector of the economy and give it to another completely unrelated sector purely because they support you politically.

This is rent-seeking red in goth and claw. They aren't even pretending to be subtle about it.


Why not tax the Arts at 3% and use the proceeds to subsidise smartphones and tablets?


"Red in goth and claw". They can tax this smartphone; I'm done.


I was just on the verge of asking about this goth and claw business.

Horace Dunn

I've seen the Redford film, which is, in fact, rather good. Certainly it goes soft on the Weathermen, for which it might justly be criticised, but it is by no means simplistic. It is an intelligent film, and a gripping one, and it does present - to some extent at least - a critical view of violent activism; and it compares that approach, unfavourably I would say, to more legitimate (and lawful) ways to protest. I won't go into any more detail as I disapprove of spoilers. I don't want to make any great claims for the film, but merely to point out that it ought not to be dismissed as mere hagiography.

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