Funny How Quickly the Day Can Turn to Shit
Because Socialism is Never About Envy and Spite

Friday Ephemera

A good snooze interrupted. Sound essential. // Kneel before Zod. // A door impersonates Miles Davis. (h/t, MeFi) // Dog sack. A sack for dogs. // Beethoven’s hair. // Before NASA. // Microscopic crystal flowers. // Old London in colour. // Cappuccino froth. // Nine film frames. // In case of fire. // Roam the highways with Hovertrax. // Memorial in the desert. (h/t, Metrolander) // Socialism and toilet paper. (h/t, Andrew Rowe) // Carjacker justice. // The joys of parenthood. (h/t, Jeff) // The joys of parenthood part 2. // An illustrated history of the gas mask. // Those goddamn foreigners. // Lair. (h/t, TDK) // And Jen O’Shea has an unusual leg