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May 24, 2013



Gosh! I didn't realise the Ephemera were posted at exactly midnight-and-a-bit.

That's dedication.

Spiny Norman

Nine film frames.

OK, now there's a bunch of DVDs I have dig out of the pile to watch again.

Wm T Sherman

I've seen old time pictures of Pittsburgh in color. It didn't really make any difference compared to black and white..


Cappuccino froth.

Looks more like a latte. Either way the giraffe wins.


And Jen O’Shea has an unusual leg.

Burn the witch!!!



That’s dedication.

Sadly, no. That’s automated posting.


Looks more like a latte.

I stand corrected.

Burn the witch!!!

There has to be some way she can use her mighty powers to fight crime.


And Jen O’Shea has an unusual leg.

Definitely witchcraft.

[*heads off to gather wood*]

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Cezar really needs to be one of the ephemera.



Cezar really needs to be one of the ephemera.

Blimey. That’s… stunning. About 45 seconds in it reaches a whole new level of conceptual nightmare.


"Socialism and toilet paper" reminded me of this http://home.wlv.ac.uk/~le1958/t2.htm



Should I ever need to know more about Soviet toilet paper and its variable quality, I’ll know where to look.



Academia still performs research of value, occasionally.


A couple more.

This four-year-old girl knows her Marvel comics.

And when taxidermy goes horribly wrong.


Funnily enough I saw that failed carjacking video last week and it was the very first thing that popped into my head when I saw the news of the Woolwich murder.

I can't remember if it was Thomas Sowell, or Bill Whittle who made the comment about the prevented assaults and murders that the anti-gun lobby never want to hear about.

If the soldier had been armed he might have had a chance.
If any of the passers by had been armed he would definitely have had a chance.
If anyone watching had been armed nobody else would have been at any risk.

Instead we are expected to wait patiently for twenty minutes until armed police arrive. At least we have the comfort of knowing that the perpetrators will face justice and spend the rest of their lives as prison celebrities in their comfortable cell.

That will be a huge comfort for the family of murdered soldier, I'm sure.



I can’t remember if it was Thomas Sowell…

It was.


The Poles think Germans are both the most trustworthy and the least trustworthy of people.

Possible translation: Germans wouldn't dream of dishonoring a contract, but sometimes you wake up with a panzer in your backyard.


Some matte paintings of note:


Kevin B

If only Mitt Romney had known about the doggy sack, the history of the world could have beed so different.


That Banhof place - no-one, NO-ONE in real life sits on the stairs and works on a laptop. Neither do they sit on the floor in server rooms with the laptop on their, er, lap.



no-one, NO-ONE in real life sits on the stairs and works on a laptop.

And I’m not sure I’d want to spend the day sitting on the floor, yoga style, with what appears to be dry ice swirling around me. Hard to look stylish and nonchalant when your testicles are chilly.


'Those goddamn foreigners.'

I like how the French see themselves, somehow simultaneously, as the 'most arrogant' and the 'least arrogant'. Also how the British see themselves as the 'most compassionate', and the French and the Germans are all, 'Nup. You're the least compassionate.' (Mick Hartley's response is excellent. The British are definitely the funniest.)

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