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From the Twitter link on #3:

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I'm glad someone's taking the tuba menace seriously.


I’m glad someone's taking the tuba menace seriously.

Musical instruments must not be perverted into weapons of mass destruction. I’m sure our leftist educators will be on this in no time:

One little boy, 5 years old, wet his pants during the two-hour interrogation after he brought an orange-tipped cowboy-style cap gun on the school bus.

Because, you know, they’re doing it for the children.


You just couldn't do that with a violin (which I played at school instead of the tuba, sadly).


Clearly the tuba’s where it’s at.

In fact, isn’t the tuba a key component of the cavernous BWAAAHHP noise that now seems to be used in every other film trailer?


Thank god there was no assault clarinet!


Is it just me, or do the Japanese seem to have a lot of time on their hands?


And there’s this rather distressed rendition of Blue Monday played on a tuba.


When tubas are outlawed, only outlaws will have tubas.

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