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June 07, 2013



See, now I know it's autoposted, I'm not so impressed. ;-)

Malinowski ("Bach, visualized". "z"? *frown*) doesn't seem particularly fond of Mozart, which seems to me a mistake when sometimes it works so well:


Simen Thoresen

The results are an intimate, sexy experience that captures a beauty rarely found in most modern pornography.

Says it all, really.



"The requirement to 'Check Your Privilege' before saying anything is one of the most obviously toss-ridden things yet, experts have confirmed."



The Guild of Evil’s partygoer cocaine gun still has some minor issues.

It's a bit all or nothing.


Morning, all.


(“Bach, visualized”. “z”? *frown*)

Gah. Mortified. If I’d actually posted these things just after midnight I might have had an excuse.


Says it all, really.

I doubt I’m the target audience and was tempted to skip ahead, but I did find myself smiling along with Teresa. You have to admire the, um, fortitude.


It’s a bit all or nothing.

Yes, but on the upside her hair was left feeling invigorated.


But do you have a sushi roller with its own theme song?


Buzz Aldrin and Thomas Dolby need a little more rehearsal.

She blinded Buzz with silence.

Ted S., Catskill Mtns., NY, USA

Soviet TV exercise program, 1987.

Or, as a poster on another board, who's originally from Odessa, Ukraine, responded when I posted this, "This goes to show that no matter what country you're from, people who are perky this early in the morning are annoying."


Soviet TV exercise program, 1987

Eighties headbands. I’d forgotten about those.


I dunno. I thought Buzz was pretty good.

Kevin B

The last sloth face, Neil Kinnock, was a bit too lifelike. One felt the producer could have distorted the image a bit more.

As for the fluffy cattle... The bull looking over its shoulder was clearly saying: "Go on. Say something pal. Just one word."


“Go on. Say something pal. Just one word.”

If the cows were smaller – say, the size of a shoebox – they’d be adorable pets. Children would fuss over them with combs and make little hats for them. No?


Visualising sound with water.

Vibrations and sand. http://youtu.be/wvJAgrUBF4w

Col. Milquetoast

Ladies sit at a table and read aloud while beneath the table an accomplice pleasures them, for art.

Like a magic trick it would probably be more interesting if you didn't know how it was done.

I also find myself enthralled by the Soviet exercise program. I'm sure my interest in both of these is purely intellectual.

Did anyone else notice the breakdancer at 5:28 and the guy in overalls doing a robot dance at 9:40? That's the great thing about central planning : a government approved robot dance.

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