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Shut Up, They Explained

The number of bureaucrats on college campuses exceeded the number of people involved in instruction as of 2005. And that’s on average. It’s just been getting bigger and bigger. And when you have so many people whose job is to police the daily lives of students – shock upon shock – they start overdoing it. The reason why college has gotten so expensive, and the reason why free speech and due process are in such trouble on college campuses, is one and the same.

FIRE’s Greg Lukianoff on the battle for free speech, the redefinition of ‘harassment’ and the selective uptightness of the “new Victorians”: 

Also from the video:

One of the most interesting statistics that I came across was a study of 24,000 students. They were asked this milquetoast question: “Is it safe to hold unpopular positions on campus?” That’s a question that’s a whitewash; it’s designed to get everyone to go, “Of course it’s safe to merely hold unpopular points of view on campus. I just talk to people I already agree with, I don’t disagree with my professors, whatever.” Nevertheless, even though it was such a weak question, only 40% of college freshmen agreed with the statement. And it goes down every year after that. Only 30% of college seniors strongly agree with the statement that it’s safe to merely hold unpopular positions on campus. And most striking of all, only 16.7% of college professors strongly agree with the statement that it’s safe to hold unpopular positions on campus. 

Remember, ‘progressive’ academia is the left’s proving ground - a vision of how the rest of us should behave, and be made to behave. It’s a foretaste of utopia, where ‘social justice’ reigns, feelings are paramount - provided the person feeling them is of a certain type - and ‘critical thinking’ isn’t quite what it seems.

I think FIRE is an organisation worth supporting. I even have a mug. But then, I also think I’m worth supporting, so what do I know?