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Agonies of the Left: Oh, Bitter Tears

In sport you can only dominate your opponents, sometimes and only briefly. Leftism offers the promise of dominating everyone. 

Laurie tells us how non-conformist she is.

You know, that sort of person. 

Raging against tennis.

Capitalist Psy-Ops. She used to be funny, now people just laugh at her. 

Capitalist psy-ops

People with more money than you are fiends. 

Remember, people richer than you are evil

Unlike lovely socialists.

And entirely maniacal

They made you fat. Because they’re evil. 

Forget your greed, think about theirs

Put down the cake they made you buy and decapitalize your mind. 

Fasting for socialism

What’s a leftwing narcissist to do? See also this

Laurie fights for her looks not to matter

The perfect accessory for the passive-aggressive. “How dare you arrest me? I have a child in tow!” 

Human shield.

Consciousness raising. 

Laurie's radical friends

Thought crime. 

Loving the proles.

A point of work being to avoid destitution. See also this

The freeloader's manifesto, part 2.

New agony discovered. Hurrah. 

Watch whose privilege you pick up (momentarily)

We are like North Korea.

Almost as bad, only softer.

Laurie embraces the market. 

The stickers make it radical.

If in doubt.

False consciousness, obviously.

Part 8 in an ongoing series. Do please keep them coming. We have so much to learn.



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