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The Heresiarch ponders the Chinese market for human milk

Apparently - well, according to the South China Morning Post, as retailed in shocked tones to readers of Telegraph Online by Tim Stanley – there’s a trend among China’s increasingly prosperous and fashion-conscious middle classes to hire wet-nurses. Only not all the milk is intended for babes in arms… Yes, it’s unconventional. But you may reasonably wonder why it’s normal for people to consume milk intended by nature to feed baby cows, yet enjoying milk intended for human beings should be considered disgusting and wrong… Leaving aside the yuck factor, it is of course impractical (and morally unacceptable) to milk women in the same way that cows are milked commercially: human milk as such will only ever be a niche product.

For those sufficiently curious, recipes are provided. Via sk60 in the comments here



"The service is allegedly "popular among adults with high incomes and high-pressure jobs and who suffered from poor health," and the women "rarely raise objections as long as the price is right." This despite the fact that you have to suspect that in some cases there's a sexual thing going on, given that some clients elect to receive their dose of the white stuff direct from source, as it were. (A lawyer quoted in the SCMP, making a suitably fine legal distinction, noted that "there is an essential difference between sucking on a breast and drinking from a pump, as the former largely exceeds the necessity of diet." Indeed.)"

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Spiny Norman

Directly from the source? Hmmm... I've heard of worse fetishes.


". . .it is of course impractical (and morally unacceptable) to milk women in the same way that cows are milked commercially. . . ."

I don't see why. We commercially harvest the actual flesh, permanently, of over a million baby boys per year.

What's the problem with milking a few thousand women? At least they're adults and can consent themselves, and what they're selling grows back.


Years! ago. National Geographic magazine. People's Revolutionary Art Museum. Bronze statue of a woman being dragged away by 2 Mandarianly uniformed guards while the old granny holds out a baby. Story behind statue: the rich man's fetish for breast milk lead to starving peasant babies as their mother's were unable to nurse them ...

Dr. Westerhaus

I tried some breast milk a few years ago, and (perhaps unsurprisingly) it was delicious. Sadly the source was fully occupied by its rightful claimant at the time, but a large bottle of spare was sat in the fridge next to the 'normal' cow's milk. I asked my friend what it was like, and she told me to pour a glass and try it, so I did. Wow.

It's less creamy than cow's milk, or at least this batch was, and slightly more 'greasy' - but quite sweet, and it just had this 'wonderful' taste that you can't quite put your finger on. Obviously.


It’s less creamy than cow’s milk, or at least this batch was, and slightly more ‘greasy’ - but quite sweet,

And people say this blog isn’t educational…


I doubt there is any woman who has breast-fed her child who hasn't, at least, sampled a bit of her own milk. (raises hand)

It is quite different from cow's milk. In fact, mom's milk changes as the newborn gets old.

While there are no paid "wet nurses" in America, there are Milk Banks, just like blood banks, where women donate breast milk for premies or sick babies in Neo-natal ICUs. Electric breast pumps have gotten a lot better ... compact, efficient machines that fit into backpacks.


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Rich Rostrom

Two comments:

The 1991 novel Topless by D Keith Mano, set in a titty bar, included a waitress who sold shots of her breast milk for $5 apiece. As sexual deviance goes, this seemed to me tamer and far less damaging than anal intercourse or BDSM.

An SF short story from the 1960s: a spinster's TV set malfunctions, and turns into an inter-dimensional gateway. The being that emerges explains that he is a Devi, not a devil, but he does offer her a deal. He will cure her of the undiagnosed cancer that would kill her, fix up her body generally, and leave her to enjoy life for 15 years, after which she would go to live in his world (there are a few other humans there already). She has a doctor confirm the cancer and takes the deal. The Devi's treatment gives her a "magnificent" figure ("I would say 'functional'", responds the Devi). Finally she asks the Devi why he's doing this. Business, he says. "I'm a dairyman."

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