A Certain Newspaper in a Nutshell
Sweating From The Effort

Friday Ephemera

A cat in a shark costume rides a vacuum cleaner. // Rule the skies with OstrichCopter. (h/t, Julia) // PandaCam, obviously. // A mirror for couples. // How to make Pimms. // The poetry of Mr Eugenides. // The ultimate movie trailer? The art of. And yes, they’re getting faster. // “It records what you heard five minutes ago.” // Kitchen knives of note. // Enormous 15-tonne ‘fatberg’ blocks sewer, brings toilets to a standstill. // How to make a tiny toilet out of a banana. // A brief history of evil clowns. // Stainless steel bass guitar. // And finally, the bathtub interface for “augmented interaction.” Just be careful what pokes above the water.