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Friday Ephemera

Admit it, he’s cooler than you. // Cleaning windows in New York City. // The owl and the pussycat. // Carnivorous caterpillar of note. // Things taken apart. // 100,000 digits of Pi. // The U.K.’s power grid. // Youthifying exercise mask. // Shittens. And yes, there’s a jingle. // Interactive timelines of slang terms for male and female genitalia. // It’s a good-news-bad-news story. // Hot dog legs. (h/t, Iowahawk) // An awful lot of history in one big chart. // Bambi abducted by aliens. // Dog feeds baby goats with customised milk pants. // Dolly Parton, slowed down. (h/t, Kurt) // And via Dr Westerhaus, can you do what Miyoko Shida does