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August 02, 2013



I suspect that if you dropped Manhattan into the Grand Canyon you'd have fewer buildings and more rubble...


Like one of the commenters, rather disappointed that Kemosabe's basket didn't contain any lotion...


"Artists say show meant to challenge audience"

oh good lord ... why is the "challenge" about inducing the gag reflex?

pretentious twats


why is the “challenge” about inducing the gag reflex?

Because it’s easy points, at least by their reckoning. If the word “challenge” were being used to mean, say, “making the public marvel at something beautiful, something they couldn’t hope to create even at gunpoint,” then the crushing disappointment would be felt by the artist as well as the audience, and quite severely. That would be too challenging. And so the word “challenge” has come to mean something like “making the rubes endure banality” or “shitting mayonnaise into a bucket.” Or just “shitting into a bucket.”

It’s the modern usage.


As an aficionado of cctv fights, I'm calling 'fake' on that subway beating. Something fishy. Too controlled.


As an aficionado of cctv fights…

Not too long ago, people would have had hobbies like sporting events, shuffleboard, collecting beer mats. My, how things have changed.


Three more.

They are not good people.” It’s a 30 minute video, but stay with it. Bill kicks it up a gear for the second half. Wait for the story about socialist students and their smartphones.

“It’s also worth sharing the data showing that proponents of small government in the United States are far more generous than those who favour a big welfare state.”

“That’s not hail. This is hail.”


In the bad, unenlightened old days, people used to go to Bedlam in London to laugh at the inmates.

Now we call them "artists" and watch them with a serious expression.



Your host has been known to enjoy a glass of this.

Been lurking around your blog for years so think I owe you one. ;-D

*hits tipjar*

Keep up the good work.


*hits tipjar*

Bless you, good woman. You’re an example to us all. And thanks to JG and to everyone else who chips in to keep this questionable establishment ticking over. Much as I enjoy the comments, and I do, I also enjoy a nice red.


I can't believe they got it together long enough to organize Hempfest.




RE Fightback. Surely the best response is to let someone in more need redistribute your capitalist goods to themselves and return in a years time for some "dancing"?



Heh. The honest Prometheus trailer covers most of it. Though I’m pretty sure there’s more to grumble about. I very rarely leave a cinema feeling conned and angry, but dear God that film was awful.

Paul Jones

From today's Telegraph...


What was it the Jesuits used to say? "Give me the child and I will give you the Guardian-reading man" or words to that effect

BTW David - if you like your Rioja, try and get hold of some of this - http://www.thesampler.co.uk/store/product/8744/Lopez-de-Heredia-Tondonia-GR94/ - expensive but worth every penny!


if you like your Rioja, try and get hold of some of this

Looks tempting. And – eep - expensive. I think I may have to wait until a birthday rolls by. That, or I’ll have to save the life of a child whose parents own a yacht.


One can play "Where's Waldo" for hours with that Tokyo gigapixel pic.
I've found 3 graveyards, at least 2 McDonald's, guys smoking on a roof, and a hot dog concession on a rooftop track.


Here's one:


Not very highbrow, but I laughed harder than I have in a long time.


The last comment on the article covering the Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival...

"What a vast collection of deeply unattractive social parasites this festival brings together."


Loved this bit though...

"When I stepped back from the scene, it was hard not to see the art audience as pilgrims to some holy site..."

...missing an 'h' in that last word.

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