Elsewhere (98)

Friday Ephemera

If Manhattan could be dropped into the Grand Canyon. // Please don’t take two-pound joints to this year’s Hempfest. // Canned goods of yore. // Kemosabe the chatty porcupine eats a banana. // The bubble wrap bike. // The thrill of moss. // The thrill of fog. // Gravity. // A gallery of tea bags. // Bravo, madam. Bravo. // Space suits x-rayed. // Stumbu Hill, Indonesia. // Tokyo and Burning Man, both gigapixelled. // Your host has been known to enjoy a glass of this. // He likes all of them best. // Apollo 11. // Wind speed app of note. // And finally, via Don Frese and Franklin, why parents rarely want their children to be artists, parts 6 and 7.