Get Them While They’re Soft and Yielding (2)
Best Take a Coat

Friday Ephemera

A cappella Tetris. // Make way for the gent with the hippo cart. // Popped At, where anything might pop up. // Straighten your nose. // Nigerian hairstyles of note. // A young Dame Helen Mirren and other celebrities. // Dark Side of the Moon, disassembled. // “Beware of mental-itis” and other gifs of yesteryear. // A love of magnetic tape. // Grass blade beatboxing. You’ll never tire of that. // Behold the Slingatron, a “hypervelocity railroad into space.” (h/t, Dr W) // Origami cobra. // Vortex, Pacific Ocean. // Unusual plastics. // Water trapped in a window. // Fingersurfing. // Dogfighters. // And finally, an Iron Man suit made entirely of balloons