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September 06, 2013


John D

I thought you'd forgotten. :)

And finally, an Iron Man suit made entirely of balloons.

I so want one. For the kids, I mean.


I thought you’d forgotten.

Just running late.

I so want one. For the kids, I mean.

It’s easy to see why. I remember sitting in a packed cinema waiting for the Avengers film to start and spotting a small boy, maybe six or seven years old, proudly wearing his Iron Man pyjamas and a full, rather impressive Iron Man helmet. I was ever-so-slightly envious.

Simen Thoresen

I'm told this is a thing here;

...and back to Popped.at. I'll have to get my TV to run this, I think...



What the fox, indeed.


Nothing toilet-related?

Let me fix that for you.


The Popped At thing is even better with a cappella Tetris playing at the same time.


The Popped At thing is even better with a cappella Tetris playing at the same time.

It’s a recipe for madness. Or... for uncanny mental powers. Try it for 24 hours and let us know which way it goes.


My dear wife says I have to stop. :(


And here’s a rather, um, controversial car advert. Not aired, I should add.

Simen Thoresen

Related, on safe driving;


I can honestly say I didn’t see that coming.


Regarding the trapped water thing: my first thought was that reversing like that was rather dangerous. Then I worked out that it was foreign, innit?


It must be comforting to imagine that the horrors of Nazi Germany would never have happened if a certain Adolf Hitler died before adulthood. As if there was nothing innate within the German national character that provided fertile ground for Nazi ideology...

John Holland

Well ajf, I'd like to give it a go anyway. You never know; topping Corporal Shicklgruber just might work.

If the Guild of Evil™'s TARDIS is back from the shop, I'll volunteer.

Oh, and the Magnetist brought back a flood of 80s memories of trading home-made mixtapes. The wife and I still have a bunch in shoeboxes somewhere.



If you want Tetris, it's best if you have a complete history of the USSR to go with it.


Spiny Norman


A good question. Who knows... without Hitler, perhaps the German Communists might have won out and the 20th century might have resulted in something closer to Orwell's 1984 geopolitics.

Crunchy Frog

The late Lord Howard de Walden famously mowed down the future Fuhrer when taking his new car for a spin in Munich in 1931, so (and obv. allowing for the increased body resilience of a 41 year old AH as against the larval form of same) it's altogether possible that going back in time and running down the infant Hitler wouldn't actually have the desired effect, viz. extinction of the toothbrushed menace.

Of course, given the technology I suppose that whenever you had a slow evening (nothing on the telly) you could take yourself back to late 19th C. Austria to do the deed repeatedly which would obviously increase the likelihood of success.

Personally, I wonder what would have become of Hitler if he'd had some sort of talent as a painter. Or more than one nut.

Simen Thoresen

A quick pointer to this piece on this unstoppable plague of Hitler-killing every time a new batch of students join the International Association of Time Travelers;

It's sort-of like how the internet used to overflow with a new batch of newbies at every semester-start.

...how I miss those days...


Apparently, when it comes to using-time-travel-to-kill-Hitler scenarios, the time travel is the easy part.

Simen Thoresen

time travel is the easy part

Every time I blink, I fall a little more into an alien future, leaving my familiar present further behind.



More Tetris to Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWTFG3J1CP8


A Capella Tetris is not a Capella. Just thought I'd point that out.

Spiny Norman


It's sort-of like how the internet used to overflow with a new batch of newbies at every semester-start.

...how I miss those days.

There's a certain web forum that tends to overflow with newbies when classes are finished for the year, and the popular refrain among the old hands (college students themselves, usually) is, "Sure is summer in here".

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