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carbon based lifeform

Something will happen.

Bloody hell. It definitely did.

The guy in the white car was very, very lucky...


From what I can make out, it looks like the white car is pushed to the left by the earth and water, which leaves it clear – just barely – of where the enormous boulder comes to rest. So yes, lucky. All things considered. Though I suspect the experience was a little stressful.

As a commenter at Althouse notes, if you watch at the top centre of the frame around three seconds in, you can see trouble brewing.

carbon based lifeform

I love the way the car behind backs away slowly, stops for a minute, then backs away some more.


There is of course a gif. More information here.


Yikes! I was too busy watching the hazard lights to see if there was one of these:


It’s the first time I’ve seen a giant boulder actually teetering. Outside of a cartoon, I mean.

sackcloth and ashes

Witnesses later stated that the white car was driven by a Caucasian male of extraordinary height and build, dressed in a white shirt, slacks and braces, and that prior to the landslide he was seen pursuing a Lotus Esprit. Some observers reported that he may have had metal teeth.

Mr. Saturn

I think that person may have somehow pooped everybody's pants.

present & correct

Wile E Coyote had been tipped-off that Roadrunner was in that car


Now *that's* a level 10 code brown situation.


I’m trying to imagine the conversation when the poor chap gets home and his significant other asks, “What kind of day did you have, darling?”

I mean, if he explains what happened, he’ll be accused of exaggerating.


If he only would have stopped at the McDonalds drive thru, it would have saved his car xD

David Davis

That was what you would call a lucky escape.

Ed Snack

If you follow the links that David gives you can see that the first impact on the car that pushed it out of the path of the boulder must have been a combination of water and debris as the car is pretty well destroyed in the front right quarter. I'd take that in preference to the alternative. Didn't know that the Taiwanese were also aficionados of dash-cams.

Spiny Norman


Apparently there was at least one other boulder hidden in the mud and debris ahead of the big one. Check out the first of the 2 still photos. There is a smaller boulder in front of the car, which sustained pretty heavy front end damage. It must have been hit by that one in the picture, or another that may be out of the camera range.


I have expected some giant monster or alien to emerge from the hillside. Just a giant boulder? Meh.

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