Does Not Compute
Friday Ephemera

A Dull Hum of Distant Agony

You see, those bitchy women are only bitchy because of capitalism.

Capitalism made that cow a bitch

Saddened by the happiness of children. Because the Shard is “a function of late capitalism” and “a symbol of unjustifiable luxury.” 

Not just saddened but genuinely saddened.

Hyperbole makes it true. 


“Fuck rich white men.” But black totalitarian wannabes who charge $20,000 an hour – they’re super-awesome

A declaration of piety

Goddamn white folk, everywhere. 

And they're probably middle class too

It’s an “online magazine of feminist, queer and multicultural science fiction.” 

Your mission, should you choose to accept it

If we don’t call it violence it doesn’t count, remember

The first step is to redefine the words

An intersectionality fuck-up. The worst kind. 

Victimhood calculation error.

The lowest difficulty setting. What, you didn’t know? 

Not agreeing with Laurie is part of the problem

He didn’t know and now he’s being told. 

If you dare to disagree you will be called names.

I detect symbolism. 

The redistribution of stuff.

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