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And Then Of Course There’s This

While we’re on the subject of boundary-scorching, swoon-inducing, terribly radical art, it would be remiss of me not to mention this chap. The Argentine artist Leandro Granato has, you’ll be thrilled to hear, found “a new form of expression.” He is, he says, “the author of a new painting style in the art world.” A new style that was born of suffering and woe: “It was a difficult time when I decided to paint with my eye. My whole family thought I was going crazy.” Mr Granato, who boasts an “unusual connection between his nose and eyes,” is more than a mere painter, of course. His art is also a performance: “I try to make each piece of art unique and special,” says he. “I transfer different emotions and feelings into my work.” Because squeezing paint out of your eye is a matter of deep passion and finesse. Oh, there’s more: “While I paint I record the whole piece of art. In this way, the person who buys the art also acquires the DVD that shows how the artist performed that piece of art and what he felt in that moment.”

Yes, eye juice, random spattering and - and – some bonus made-up feelings. That’s value for money, that is